introducing myself

hallo guys ..
let me introduce myself !
My name is Adistya Putri Maharani , you can call me putri. i'm 15th years old. i was born on july 4th , 1994 in semarang. I live in ketileng indah 1 street number 14 , semarang . i'm moslem and wear jilbab. I'm a student at SMAN 2 Semarang, i'm in the first year . My hobbies are photograpy , editing photos , and grapic design, i like to listen a music. I'm friendly , kind , silly , and humorous.

I live with my mom and my uncles. my mom so beautiful, she wears jilbab like me. she is the best mother in the world. I am very fortunate to have a mother like her because she was so loved me. Now she works in the Department of Culture and Tourism. Although I often made her angry but she stayed patient. actually,i have two brothers. They are adit and adya , but they live with my father . my mom and my dad was divorced, so we don't live together. Other than that in my house there is also my uncles, they are Reza , Bintang, and Hanin.

I'm in x-10 class. It is not big enough but it's comfortable. i have a chairmate in the class, her name is Ayu fitri. she is so friendly and i love her. All of my classmates are kind , friendly, and funny.

OK that's all about me ! thanks for your attention . If you want to ask some question, you can follow my twitter @adistyaputri or add my facebook with nickname is adistya putri maharani
good bye ..

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