suatu hari, saat ku tau dirimu,
bahagia ku rasakan dihati
diri ini, ingin selalu ada di dekatmu
melihat senyummu indahnya dunia
tau kah kamu diri ini telah mengagumi keindahanmu
dan harus kau tau aku ingin kau jadi milikku,
huoo aku ingin nikmati melewati sisa hidupku
hanya bersama dirimu,
dan beri aku cinta yang tulus dari dirimu

diri ini ingin selalu ada di dekatmu melihat senyummu indah nya dunia
tau kah kamu diri ini telah mengagumi keindahanmu
dan harus kau tau,
aku ingin kau jadi milikku....

Aku tak mengerti apa yang kau rasakan pada diriku
aku berharap agar kau jadi milikku.
aku (aku) ingin nikmati melewati sisa hidup hanya bersama dirimu
dan beri aku cinta yang tulus dari dirimu
aku (aku) ingin nikmati melewati sisa hidupku hanya bersama dirimu (bahagia bersamanya)
Dan beri aku cinta yg tulus (cinta yang tulus) dari dirimu...
Dari dirimu


smanda metamorphosis

Saturday, July 16th 2011

congratulations! pensi sma2 semarang "SMANDA Metamorphosis' SUCCESS!
performances are very entertaining, and very crowded. omg I'm so happy
good performances from Abdul And The Coffee Theory, ERWE, type-x, serempet gudal, radical crops and many more. you are amazing! thanks
good job panitia pensi, osis, MPK, SSA, fosa, and others. you roooooooock!

well, I take photos when they are being performed .. okay enjoy

(oke, kalo foto yang ini ngambil dari albumnya ERWE waktu pensi di smanda hehe . ERWEband: 22 photos on Facebook in the album "PENSI SMAN 2 SEMARANG" http://fb.me/18HHHeyOu )


thx aul abi wega :D

thank you very much, I can't say anything just to say 'thank you'. gifts that you give a very unique, funny, I like it
all the gifts you give, I like it .. thank you already want to give me gifts yaa
thanks aul, mas abi, and wega .. I love you guys

This gift from the aul and abi : tempat makan , tempat minum (gambarnya spongebob) sama buku PJP (pocong juga pocong) ulalala ini yang pengen aku beli, thx aul abi:*

wish you all the best xoxo!!!
maaf ya kadonya mungkin gak rada aneh
wkwk ;b'

haha makasih ya aul mas abi, nggak aneh .. ini emg yang aku pengen :D thx youuuu

yeaah! celengan mr.bean very very unique , i like it , thx wegaaa :*

"selamat ulang tahun ya ndut, sorry aku telat ngucapinnya soalnya aku lagi dibandung kemaren. walopun kadoku ga beharga mahal tapi mungkin bisa berkesan haha. WYATB ndut :*"

aaah haah gabakal deh terharu liat tulisan kek beginian haha, tp makasih loooh

well, thx friends :D i'm happy


SMA 2 semarang presents 'SMANDA METAMORPHOSIS'

performance by:

and also performance by paduan suara smanda, tari tradisional, CS BLADE, gajah putih, mas and mbak smanda

HTM Rp.25.000,-
saturday, july 16th 2011 (at 2 p.m till end)on SMA 2 SEMARANG

contact person :
085727374303 (dela)
085726929293 (hasbi)


I'm waiting for your arrival


my surprise birthday

Tuesday, July 5th 2011
I could not sleep that night, I could not sleep at 5 am .. and then at 6:30, I was surprised .. my room full of people and they brought a birthday cake and singing: 'Happy birthday to you .. happy birthday to you ', then I make a wish, and then I blew out the candles ..

I was taken out and bound the hands and feet using a rope .. oh god I'm resigned ..
omg, they are making a mixture of flour, soy sauce, shrimp paste, vinegar, eggs, coffee, and many more .. you know? very very very bad smell .. very disgusting


repeat as a child, I bathe in the front yard .. now I repeat it again .. I take a shower in front of my house (but using the clothes)
my hair smell bad, aaaaa omg this is disgusting

then my friend come into my house and take a gift which I thought was very nice, and I like gifts that they give
This gift they gave to me

(this is me :D looks slim lol i like it)

(this is desika wonder woman lol)

(funny, winda, wega)




(she's ajeng aka ateng)

(dio aka beyong, kiting)

(luthfan aka upan)

(this is the romantic couple tisa and fatur aka kopet)

(adit aka sebul)

(mas hanin)


(fauzi ahmad aka mamat)

(mega aka acil)

thank you friends, you get up early just to give me a special surprise like this
thank god, you gave me an angel like them (re: friends) who make me laugh, happy, and always grateful
i love you guys :*

erwe - bukan cinta

Words by: W2K
Album: Let's Join, Let's Sing and Dance!!! (2008)

Bukan waktu yang memisahkan kita
Tapi hatimu yang berlari
Saat aku mulai menanam dan memupuk
Rasa cintaku yang dalam kepadamu
Ku berharap terlalu besar
Ku bermimpi terlalu jauh
Yang ku kira kau juga sama
Punya rasa seperti aku
Ternyata kau tak seperti itu
Bukan cinta yang engkau jamu
Dalam hatiku bertabur rasa kecewa namun rindu



ERWE (Eror without emosion)

ERWE (EROR WITHOUT EMOSION) .. ERWE one of three guest star in pensi SMA 2 Semarang, may be unfamiliar with the band, but I already know ..
Where is the band from???
The place is Nagan, a small residence in Jogjakarta. The date is sometime in the late of 2003's. The band consisted of five guys who would change the way many listen to music. This is the day ERWE was born** the day Bara [2003-2007], W2k, Aby, Lookass and surely FJ got together on a small gig and started to jam - putting in motion what would become greater than before, and world wide, legacy.

They wrote some tracks, drank some booze & smoked some cheap cigarettes, started a record label, drank some booze & smoked some cheap cigarettes, recorded an album, then most likely had another drink or two before unleashing it onto the streets. For years they traveled and performed all over, initiating unfortunate sponsorships and selling discs where ever they could.

ERWE has always been much more than just music. It is everything to everyone: a culture, a revolution, a lifestyle, and a family.


ERWE is a band that unexpectedly emerged in the era of global competition musicality dated August 8, 2003, in the kota gudeg, Jogjakarta.

Next story, after almost more than 3 years working in the music of Indonesia, is pleased to finally ERWE 'melahirkan' debut album titled "GOT SOUL" to officially be released in August 2006. Promo album is intensively carried out in various media famous all over the city of Jogjakarta. Even the single hits "MDP" aka "Menanti Datangnya Pagi", entered the chart and radio hits nearly always the anthem famous radio broadcasts in the city of Jogjakarta. The climax is ... Grand Launching of the album is held in Auditorium UNY September 11, 2006, is capable of absorbing all walks of life as a musician, music observers and artists in particular heavy Yogyakarta, and thousands of spectators in general. Wow! That was f ** kin 'great act.

However, the journey has not stopped there. Having completed its first album promo ERWE, activity resumed with a solid live concert schedule, an exhausting tour out of town, until finally, back to the studio for recording the second album. Huff! So much tired. And now, there have been 8 songs - plus intro & outro - who was elected as the song list on the second album. The 2nd session titled debut album "LET'S JOIN LET'S SING AND DANCE !!!", Officially released in the early winter months of August yesterday [08-08-08], coinciding with the anniversary ERWE ke-5 -, packed into CDsoft pack and soft-launched on 18 November 2008 diBoshe VVIP Club, Jogjakarta.

HEY HO!!! LET'S GO!!! LET'S JOIN, LET'S SING AND DANCE........................!!!

*They say like that on their site*

Hopefully, this information is useful for you


happy brthday to me, happy brthday too amerika :)

4 july 2011 :D Hello 17th , goodbye 16th :D
happy brthday to me, and happy brthday to amerika, too
i hope i'll be better than before , always remember Allah , longlife, love my family, don't forget take a bath and i hope my dreams come true.. amin :D

hello 17th.. thank God, God still gave me the opportunity to enjoy my sweet seventeen
thank GOD, you still gave me breath until now,
Thank you for all the birthday greeting, thank you all, your birthday greeting the most beautiful gift for me he he he
thanks ..
Thx mom, mas hanin, ria, angga, jody,winda, octa, mbak ajeng, montil, andin , deson, tisa , mbak dana, mbak tery, mega, ateng, and all my friend
hehehe thanks too for my facebook and twitter's friends ;*

happy brthday to me


SMA 2 semarang present 'smanda metamorphosis' coming soon : abdul and coffee theory , tipe-x , ERWE , and many more !

 Smanda metamorphosis coming soon : abdul and the coffee theo... on Twitpic

price : 25K !
on july 16th , 2011
come and enjoy the show !

@SMA2semarang @OSSmandasmg


Last day in wonosobo

last day in Wonosobo, today I go home to Semarang .. aaa I still want to here. here is very nice: D
2 July 2011.. and Wow! Grandma bought me a birthday cake. large size of the bread, brown, and it was certainly delicious: D
Should.. my birthday on 4 July, but celebrate my birthday in early on 2 July, well that's okay ;)
every year I always celebrate my birthday in Wonosobo, yes my grandparents always bought me a birthday cake, and celebrated with IVA, Izza, grandmother, grandfather, and mbah buyut. It was enough to make me happy and grateful: D
thank you grandma, grandpa, Izza, IVA, mbah buyut: D I love you guys: *