my surprise birthday

Tuesday, July 5th 2011
I could not sleep that night, I could not sleep at 5 am .. and then at 6:30, I was surprised .. my room full of people and they brought a birthday cake and singing: 'Happy birthday to you .. happy birthday to you ', then I make a wish, and then I blew out the candles ..

I was taken out and bound the hands and feet using a rope .. oh god I'm resigned ..
omg, they are making a mixture of flour, soy sauce, shrimp paste, vinegar, eggs, coffee, and many more .. you know? very very very bad smell .. very disgusting


repeat as a child, I bathe in the front yard .. now I repeat it again .. I take a shower in front of my house (but using the clothes)
my hair smell bad, aaaaa omg this is disgusting

then my friend come into my house and take a gift which I thought was very nice, and I like gifts that they give
This gift they gave to me

(this is me :D looks slim lol i like it)

(this is desika wonder woman lol)

(funny, winda, wega)




(she's ajeng aka ateng)

(dio aka beyong, kiting)

(luthfan aka upan)

(this is the romantic couple tisa and fatur aka kopet)

(adit aka sebul)

(mas hanin)


(fauzi ahmad aka mamat)

(mega aka acil)

thank you friends, you get up early just to give me a special surprise like this
thank god, you gave me an angel like them (re: friends) who make me laugh, happy, and always grateful
i love you guys :*

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  1. aaaaa lucu banget itu kadonyaaaaa hihi sayang ga ada aku ya de :p

  2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. Hehe kalo ada kamu lebih imyut mungkin mbak haha


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