beautiful life because you have

beautiful life because you have

I want to tell you about my friends and my cousin made my day
colorful day:)

first, my cousin who could be called an uncle, his name is Dipo &
hanin. they were very kind to me, they taught me how to enjoy life,
they also taught me how to use SLR camera, the three of us often
hunting photos together, because we are just a hobby oF photography

the second, I was very glad to be entered in high school 2
semarang because I can find a good friends and very crazy, who
welcomed the first class is a class x10 (SESEPUH), well although I
have a lot of them because they know many friends from my junior
high school is SMP9, and 2 high school I could develop my
photography hobby, 2 high school kids making a container for 2
high school kids who love photography, the name of the
organization is FOSA (FOTOGRAFI SMANDA)
okay I continue ..

the third, I have a friend who could be called BLOKO brothers,
though we are different schools, but we often play together, out
together, 'gossip' together, eating and going to the movies. they are
good friends, they can accept me be. they are auliaa rahma (SMA1
semarang) ria ripardi wahyuu lestarii (SMA1 semarang)
cesaar pratama (SMA1 semarang) Sindu ardiansyah
ramadhan ( SMA kesatrian2) and jodi bayuu heffranda (SMA2
and my friends called sabrynaa vallentinaa vancis (SMA5)
and andry sugiantari (SMA2) , they were a friend from junior high
school, yes they are a good friend and trustworthy, they have every
I need them! I miss you: (

The fourth, for beloved boyfriend hahah I can not tell what what!
yes, it agung one single man who can make me smile every day.
He also makes my life more meaningful, he taught me patience, and
enjoy life, even though he often makes me upset with his behavior
and he frequently makes annoyed because he did not want to do
what I say but what else is agung beloved boyfriend. and hopefully
we can be together forever. amen

unexpected friends who join coloring my ordinary life
becomes extraordinary , she was named arin , mas abi (aul's boyfriend) andin , rizka, yaya,pepy, mbak hayu and all my friends :)
and I love you so much. thank god, you've allowed me to live with
them ;)

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