long time no see you all, this year one of the busiest years ever. tired but fun.
I graduated high school this year, I was very pleased.
but I did not pass the exam SNMPTN, okay I will not give up! UNDIP wait me! yes I believe, Allah must have heard my prayers :'D 

month of July is still a favorite. yeah you know it, 4th of July is my birthday and coinciding with independence day of USA
My grandparents said if I live in usa, barack obama will give me a birthday present. lol I was just laughing and smiling. WHY? because i'm crazy .lol just kidding man 
oyeah! I get gifts new laptop from om yanto (my mother's friend), one direction cuties cup from deson and mega, rainbow cake + surprise birthday from aul desika deson and mega, emoticon hug pillow from dhewa and Lilis, and a birthday greeting from my friends and the most special birthday greeting from kemal palevi

kemal palevi? who is he? He is one of the finalists stand up comedy indonesia season 2. he is my favorite. hahahahahadia very very very very good looking guys (for me). the world must know! I'm so in love with him xoxoxo

enough. I must to re-learn to test UM UNDIP, and UM POLINES.
OK guys, keep praying for me and congratulations who have received college: D

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