krakatau grand ballroom of horison - sabrina

amazing night,
Civil Engineering Clas Mild Undip supported music concert titled''The Higheststerile 2011 CLAS of Culture''on Saturday (3 / 12) at Krakatau Grand Ballroom ofHotel Horison Semarang.
they present a Sabrina (singer from the Philippines) and Gugun blues shelter
I come there with mas and mas Hanin abi
although disappointed with the committee that put the VIP class at the top of theballroom, very disappointed! I can not see clearly, can not enjoy it. but perform the pompom boys make me laugh, you're a great guy haha
perform from the "blues Gugun shelter" entertaining for those who know his songs,while I don't know the song hehehe
and that I've been waiting for performance of sabrina wohoo, give her applause
maroon5 - move like Jagger became the opening theme

sorry I can not share photos, because it is not allowed to carry the SLR.
totally, the show is good, especially sabrina
i love acoustic

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